Monday, August 20, 2012

Where did the week go?

Sorry, didn't realize that its been close to a week, but the days and nights are blending together a little.  Very tired these days, probably almost as tired as Rebecca, who is having to wake up every 3 hours to pump.  Its an incredible beating on top of trips to the hospital, but fortunately I haven't noticed a hint of grouchiness from the sleep deprivation...nope...not a hint...  I think I may have mentioned this in previous blogs, but I'm quite certain if the roles were reversed, the Elliot lineage would not extend beyond me. 

Alright, so its Sunday night, I'm sitting cribside in the NICU again.  Which despite the late hour, I like. Its kind of counter-culture and quiet.  Unlike late night eateries, emergency rooms or 24 hour gyms, the nurses aren't creepy zombie-like beings.  They are always cheerful and seem to love their gigs as much as the day folks.  I still don't know how they do it.  The babies just keep coming and coming, and then of course leaving.  The amount of care and effort that they have to put into taking care of their charges probably for the most part goes unsatisfied.  The babies certainly aren't lavishing enough thanks and once you leave this place, you pretty much have to bring in another one as cover charge to get back in (security is rather tight). 

So in a weird way, that's been a good side effect of the latest stay.   We've seen alot more folks than we thought we would, or initially remembered.  They all remember Thomas and I think the few times that Thomas has come up has been neat for those that have happened upon him.  He is a bit of a ham and seems to enjoy the attention.  Its also a reminder of how lucky we probably are.  Thomas' NICU pediatrician reminded Rebecca that Thomas is a walking miracle, based on his situation and the surgeries that he had to go through, that he's come this far is astounding and against the odds.  Its something I don't like to dwell on, or ponder one way or another.  I'm immensely grateful for having Thomas and for how well he is doing and I kind of like to just leave it at that.  Miracle is such a big and powerful word and somewhat overwhelming and even though it is undoubtedly a miracle that he has not only survived his journey so far, but in most respects has exceeded expectations as to where he should be, I don't want Thomas to feel undue pressure to be any more special than he already is, which is significantly special (at least to me).  Hmm, late hours may not be that great for blog writing after all, very deep and significant sentence that will probably sound silly and over thought tomorrow when I reread it.  Oh well, I had my backspace key removed for just such a situation.  I just know we're incredibly lucky, twice over now. 

Three paragraphs and I haven't really talked about William, how self indulgent.  Good thing I don't have an editor, he'd probably say: "You're burying the lead, get to the hook, and you need to cut 50 words."  Actually Rebecca does edit in post production on occasion.  If she doesn't laugh at my witty and insightful observations and comments, then I pout and stop writing for a while, so blame her if there's another delay before the next blog.  OK, seriously, William, Kid #2:

William is just about 5 pounds!  Which is awesome.  There's a distinct possibility that William will eventually be bigger than Thomas.  He's also feeding from a bottle about every other other feeding.  We are hoping that he will increase to every feeding soon.  This is the final hurdle to William coming home and us just being very tired as opposed to extremely tired. 

William speaks!  We do have video footage of the first real communication of William.  It can be found here.
I think the funniest part of the video is mom's face.  I' not exaggerating when I say we're not used to this noise.  Thomas just never did this and so I think some thing's wrong with this one.  I'll have a word with somebody around here to get this straightened out. 

Here are some more pics, including both granddads with William and the gratuitous Thomas shot, per his contract with the blog (its kind of like the Oprah deal with her magazine O, I'm obligated to make sure he's represented in every blog.  He also gets a bowl of fruit gummies, purple only).

Pop also came across from Shreveport today to meet William today.  He and William had a great conversation, which you can see here.

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