Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm from Southie, What's it to ya?

Tuesday night and I'm in Austin playing absentee dad.  So I have limited access to photos and I'm in a hotel room feeling bad about Rebecca having to take the brunt of the home front responsibilities.  So a couple things to catch you up on.  First, Thomas (Freudian slip, I obviously meant William, just force of habit.) has been moved to the South Hall, which is the same hall Thomas was in before he left the NICU.  He's no longer on an IV, which is much more appealing aesthetically, he's feeding every 3 hours and he even took a bottle for a little bit today.  On top of that, his neuro scan came back negative, so there's no sign of brain bleed, which can be common with premature births.  So everything looks really good so far.  I'm cautiously optimistic, but we're both worried about the other shoe dropping.  Force of habit from the last time.  There's nothing to worry about though.

We're also both very tired, which is to be expected and I think Thomas knows something is up and is acting out a little bit.  I'm a little concerned how he'll handle either of us holding William, but we'll cross that bridge eventually. 

Full disclosure.  Last week I was inspired by Rebecca and was lucky enough to get it recorded.    Pregnancy took a little out of her, but I think I look pretty good. 

Anyway, since William was doing so well, the triathlon was in Shreveport and we were able to convince Rebecca's parents into seeing Thomas again, we did a real quick overnight so I could go ahead and get in a selfish indulgence, Rebecca could kind of rest and Thomas could be smothered with attention and meet his new cousin Kate.   So we went and visited William Saturday morning, scooted over there and scooted back Sunday night and saw him again.  Win, win, win?  It was fun but it certainly added to the exhaustion.  And no, I did not win...but I'm pretty sure everyone that finished ahead of me cheated. 

The other bonus has been the near daily reunion at the NICU as we seem to know alot more of the staff than I thought, or probably more to the point, they all remember Thomas.  So that's been pretty neat.  Many of them also think William really resembles Thomas.

Finally, we may have 2 decent milestones this week.  Open crib and clothes!  William may get an upgrade to the crib in the next couple days.  We'll see and let you know.  Two more pics for you.

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  1. Glad to hear all is going well with William! Please give Rebecca a hug from the Hammes family. -- Marguerite