Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Rebecca is on her way to the hospital with the car seat to do the car seat test.  The car seat test is a test to prove out that a baby can sit in a car seat without any entertainment or ability to move around on a road trip with out complaining about being hungry, needing to go to the bathroom or asking if we're there yet.  To date, not one baby has passed this test.  I just don't know why they bother, I think I'll blame the government. 

Actually the test is to make sure they can sit in the car seat for an hour and breathe.  This is one of the final steps before William gets his eviction notice.  They pulled his feeding tube this morning and we're in DEFCON 4 mode.  I really hate the suddenness.  It was the same way with Thomas.  We want William home now, but then the moment of reality really throws you.  I think its kind of a great trick that they play.  Everyone tells you it may be a week until at the very last moment, they say now!  No amount of preparation will be enough to get you ready for a helpless being that will occupy all of your time, but you still want some certainty, a solid date and time for release.  Oh well.  We'll let you know soon what the verdict is.

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