Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No title, just lack of sleep

We're on week 3 of 4 hour time slots. That is pretty much how you end up looking at things, what can i do, or how much can I sleep before the next feeding?  L'il Lobot is being relatively consistent and cooperative. He mostly only cries when he's hungry, although there have been more than a few times lately, especially at night, when he'll scream bloody murder and the second you walk in the room, without speaking or touching him, he'll stop crying and will either be asleep (possibly pretending to be asleep) or just lying there seemingly without a care in the world. Clearly life at this point is incredibly boring, there's only so much you can get out of a mobile and the stuff we talk about with him is not debate level conversation (food, poop and sleep dominate both his existence and the banter). He seems to be gaining strength to lift his head, so some serious tummy time will hopefully broaden his horizons.

The first born and heir to the elliot empire is proving that he can be both super awesome and evil to the point of mom's patience. He's really enjoying school, seems to be making friends and growing in all aspects.  The school, although only two days a week is helping him socialize and be around other kids, which he desperately wants. He asks a lot when we're at home if various children that he's met can come over or if he can go to their house, mom and dad aren't cutting it like weused to I guess.  Speaking of school, Thomas had his first homework assignment and mom and dad got to "help" with said assignment, leading us down the path of doing his homework for him for years to come.  The assignment was to take a cutout of a doll and decorate it so it looks like you. So mom and Thomas went to Michaels for supplies, dad taped off the area for a shirt and pants with painters tape so that Thomas would color in the right areas and we all used glue and yellow crinkly paper for the hair.  I think Rebecca and I did a great job.  Thomas helped too. I'll post a pic so you can see for yourself. 

The flip side of Thomas' irresistible cuteness is his desire to do bad things at times and use his cuteness to get out of it. Case in point today, Thomas did a few things that mommy asked him not to do. Mommy put him in timeout. Thomas smiled and said "I'm in trouble." he then tried to hug and kiss mommy several times to get out of timeout.  We're at the point where Thomas is pushing his boundaries (or possibly just blowing right past them) with little remorse. We haven't unlocked the key to Thomas minding us yet.  Unlimited amounts of candy just isn't working.