Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday evening

It is amazingly tough to keep up with documenting life when life doesn't let you take a break.  The last time we did this, I didn't have as much to do after we would get done visiting Thomas and I could just type and type and indulge myself with humorous anecdotes.  Now when we get back from visiting William, Thomas is there ready to be entertained.  I'm sure it will get much better once they're under the same roof. 

Believe it or not, Rebecca thinks William is super cute.  We're also playing the game I absolutely abhor: "which body part of William's looks like each of us?  Its an never-ending, constantly changing game.  So far I'm only claiming his left pinky toe. 

So, speaking of William (classic segway), you know that IV that they had to move from his arm to his leg and then put a shield over?  Yeah, that didn't work.  Its now in his scalp, taped down where he can't get at it.  We're also getting into the nit picky aspects of the NICU, where they get past the initial big picture item of sustaining life and stuff.  Then each day you visit, you ever know what little surprise awaits you.  The IV being a good example.  He's also got a little jaundice, which gets him some daily tanning bed action.  He's also got a little fat deposit on his back.  It could be just a hemangioma, but they're keeping their eye on it.  They're also watching his kidneys.  They had noticed that they appeared to be blocked up when we were doing sonograms, and they still appear to be.  Hopefully this will clear itself up.  Monday is the day they do the neural scan to make sure that there wasn't any bleeding as a result of the early child birth.  We're not expecting anything there either.  Its just all these little things to keep you on your toes.  Nothing to worry about though. 

Below are some random shots, including William getting his tan on and a guest appearance by some other kid that demanded some of the spotlight.

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  1. really happy for both of you my friend. glad things are going well. please keep updating progress. much love my brother - bil